It costs $300/year to send a child to child to school. This covers, tuition, books, meals and uniforms. --that breaks down to $25/month.

different. The edge of the cliff is all around our friends, literally.  A few dollars can make the difference between being able to provide health care or education for a family and having a family fall into the abyss.  This is why empowerment and self sufficiency is so important. Your support will empower our friends to have some control of their destiny.  So when that left hook comes, they can take it without being completely knocked out, knowing that their efforts through you are responsible for fostering a culture of resiliency.  

Our friends in Haiti are similar to people we see in our own communities here in the United States who are one paycheck or one event away from placing their livelihoods in jeopardy.  Fortunately, there are at least some safeguards in the United States to protect the most vulnerable of our people.  Haiti is 

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